What is the best VPN for torrenting anonymously?

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Most people at some point have downloaded movies, music, tv shows etc. through peer to peer networks such as BitTorrent. However many do not realize they are being monitored by mafia organizations such as the MPAA and RIAA.

Avoid P2P lawsuits and torrent on!

This could lead to warning letters from your ISP, threats to settle with a payment (which you should never do btw) and termination of your internet subscription. This is especially true if you are an US resident.

I have seen many people getting caught and there have been numerous news reports of cases where millions in damages are demanded for downloading a few tracks. Even kids and grannies get sued which is sad and worrying. They have accomplished nothing but harmed people’s lives.

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Through out history, people have always shared and this is how we get to know things we otherwise would never hear about. It’s also a form of free promotion. If we were not allowed to share, cultures and diversity would vanish. What remains is a highly commercial world dominated by industry promoted satanic trash like Lady Gaga.

Sadly we are already in those times of age, steadily being stripped away from our privacy and basic human rights. The mainstream media is controlling and manipulating our society.

It’s time to stand up for your rights and fight back!

So how do I annoy the MPAA while being anonymous?

Probably you already know the answer so get yourself the best VPN for torrenting.

When using a VPN, all your traffic is encrypted which is not the case with a proxy server. Also no configuration is needed and you can easily switch between server locations all around the world. This ensures you are connected to the closest server for the best possible download speeds.

Another common VPN use is to unblock sites like Netflix which have geo restricted content. You will have to be lucky enough to live in the US, if you want the biggest content collection. A VPN solves all those problems and annoys the crooks who are limiting the ways you use the internet. Oh boy, what a joy!

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