Newshosting Review and Free Trial

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Newshosting have won several prizes for being the one of the best Usenet providers. What’s the reason behind this? This Newshosting review will give you the answer. Firstly, they have been in the game for a long time and were the first to increase the retention to 1000 days. In addition, they have increased their maximum allowed connections and are offering a Newshosting unlimited to reduced price.


Newshosting have both a yearly and a monthly special offer.

Without the special deals the prices are:

Newshosting Unlimited monthly payment: $14.99

Newshosting Unlimited yearly payment: $155.4 ($12.95 monthly)

With the Newshosting discount the prices are:

Newshosting unlimited monthly special: $9.99

Newshosting unlimited yearly special: $99.99 ($8.33 monthly)

Newshosting Free Usenet trial

You can purchase any unlimited plan from Newshosting and receive a free usenet trial for 14 days and/or 30 GB of bandwidth, whichever comes first. A great way if you’re going to try it out. However, what may Usenet providers don’t tell you, is that they generally give out free Usenet trial accounts on 1-2GB so you can try out Usenet without purchasing anything, read more about that here: Free Usenet. Take contact with Newshosting’s live support or send them an email to ask for this.

Newshosting Coupons and discount

We can proudly give our customers Newshosting discount for Newshosting unlimited plans. You can either chose from the $9.99 monthly Newshosting special offer and save 5 USD each month. OR you could chose the $99.99 yearly Newshosting special offer and save 55 USD.

Newshosting Binary retention

Newshosting support 1049 days of binary retention and 2 years text retention. With this they place themselves among the Usenet providers with the best retention. If you’re unsure about retention is? Read my in-dept article: How to Use Usenet.

Download speed

Newshosting offers a high number of simultaneous connections. If you combine this with their multi-gigabit server farm in the U.S and Europe, you’re doomed to get good speed and stability. Remember, that Usenet downloading speed only is restricted by your own internet speed.

Unsure on how many connections you need? Check out the guide: How to use Usenet, and you’ll find out.


In this Newshosting review, we have also tested their support. Newshosting provide both email support and live chat support. In addition, they have several emails, so you can send your questions to the support department.

SSL security/Anonymity

With Newshosting you will get free 256-bit SSL encryption, which generally means that no one can know what you’re downloading, but also keeps your username and password safe. Many Usenet clients support encrypt your information, check out which ones in the Best Usenet clients.

Newshosting Review Conclusion

There’s a reason why Newshosting have won several prices. With gigabit server farms in the U.S and Europe, you’re assured to always have a stable maximum downloading speed. There’s nothing to complain about. I tested their live chat, and got response within minutes. And last but not least, you can’t go wrong with the Newshosting discount at a formidable price. Keep this Newhosting review in mind when you’re choosing your next Usenet provider.